Water Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers Which Are Suitable For Class A Fire Risks Involving Ordinary Combustible Materials Such As Wood, Cloth Or Paper.
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  1. BEJ1 Standard 'J' Extinguisher Bracket

    BEJ1 Standard 'J' Extinguisher Bracket

    £1.50 £1.80 inc VAT

    BEJ1 Standard 'J' Bracket. Wall bracket for use with water, foam and powder fire extinguishers. BS 5306 recommends that the top of a fire extinguisher handle should be one metre from ground level. Learn More
  2. Water 9ltr Fire Extinguisher WS9E

    Water 9ltr Fire Extinguisher WS9E

    £28.50 £34.20 inc VAT

    WS9E 9 Ltr Water Fire Extinguisher - Fully Kitemarked to BS EN3 - Suitable for use on Class A fire risk; fires involving ordinary combustible materials such as wood, cloth or paper.Learn More
  3. PS09 Plastic Tamper Tags (500)

    PS09 Plastic Tamper Tags (500)

    £24.95 £29.94 inc VAT

    PS09 Plastic Tamper Tags. Pack of 500. Overall length: 228mm - PLEASE NOTE: The colour for 2013 inspections is OrangeLearn More
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Fire Extinguisher News

BBC’s Show ‘Fake Britain’ is a TV programme in which the show’s hosts expose fraudsters and con artists. In one of their episodes they had managed to find one faker who had been selling fake fire extinguishers! When the authorities were given the alarm of this dangerous revelation, they uncovered the Halon gas in approximately 1000 extinguishers had either been diluted or contaminated.
Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service have commissioned a fire safety video featuring talking fire extinguishers to teach children about the importance of fire safety in the home and what to do in the event of a fire. The educational video will be available to fire services nationwide for use in schools and colleges.
Quick-thinking neighbours saved a family home when they heard a smoke alarm and called the fire brigade. The occupants were at a summer fair at the time of the incident but rushed home when alerted and tackled the blaze with a fire extinguisher.
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