Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems. Twinflex Fire Alarm Systems, fire alarm kits and Rafiki/Fike Twinflex panels, Kentec panels, Zeta and C-Tec Panels.
  • Fire Alarm Kits
    Fully Customisable Fire Alarm Kits: Choose The Kit That Best Suits Your Needs and Add Extra Components When Necessary.
    Fire Alarm Kits >
  • Fire Alarm Panels
    Panels & Systems From Fike, C-TEC, Zeta & Kentec Including Sita, Twinflex Plus, Twinflex 2 Wire & Simplicity Panels To Meet All Requirements.
    Fire Alarm Panels >
  • Addressable Systems
    Addressable Fire Alarm Systems Including Fire Alarm Controllers, Call Points & Sounders From Hochiki & Fike.
    Addressable Systems >
  • Fike Twinflex 2 Wire System
    Fike Twinflex, Previously Rafiki Twinflex, Is Ideal For Small Commercial Installations.Twinflex System Is A Reliable Fire Alarm System For Many Applications.
    Fike Twinflex 2 Wire System >
  • Fike Twinflex Pro
    Fike's Twinflex Pro 2-wire fire alarm system is the latest from Fike Safety Technology. An ideal solution for HMO's, larger domestic and commercial installations. A fire alarm system that can offer savings of up to 40% on the overall cost. The system is non-addressable, and provides support for any existing Twinflex devices.
    Fike Twinflex Pro >
  • Manual Site Fire Alarms
    Self Contained Fire Alarms, Howler and Klaxon fire alarms - Semi permanent fire alarms building sites, camp sites, temporary accommodation & marquees.
    Manual Site Fire Alarms >
  • Kentec AlarmSense
    Kentec AlarmSense range of conventional fire alarm panels. The new Sigma CP-A Alarmsense® range consists of a series of conventional, 2, 4 and 8 zone fire alarm control panels designed and approved in accordance with European standards BS EN54-2 and BS EN54-4 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems. .
    Kentec AlarmSense >
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Heat Sensor
  1. Fixed Temp(2)
  2. Rate of Rise & Fixed Temp(6)
  1. 2 Wire(18)
  2. 4 Wire(5)
  3. Analogue Addressable(31)
  4. Wireless(2)
System Type
  1. Conventional(23)
  2. Addressable(33)
Suggested Use
  1. Commercial(258)
  2. Domestic(1)
  3. Domestic, Commercial(14)
  1. Range: £12840
Test Function
  1. Test Button Only(1)
  1. Loop Powered (Control Panel)(9)
  1. Apollo(9)
  2. C-TEC(16)
  3. ESP(7)
  4. Fike(62)
  5. Fulleon(3)
  6. Hochiki(35)
  7. Homesaver(2)
  8. Howler(24)
  9. Kentec(95)
  10. Klaxon(3)
  11. `SDFA(2)
  12. STI(1)
  13. Yuasa(1)
  14. Zerio(2)
  15. Zeta(10)
Suggested Locations
  1. Hallway(3)
  2. Landing(3)
  3. Living room(3)
  4. Kitchen(3)
  5. Bedrooms(3)
  6. Dining room(3)
  7. Garage(3)
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