Smoke, Heat, CO Alarms

Domestic Mains Or Battery Powered Ionisation or Optical Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Carbon Monoxide & Gas Detectors, Cigarette Alarm Kits & Systems.
  • Smoke Alarms
    Ionisation & Optical Smoke Alarms / Detectors / Sensors Operated Via Control Panel Or Battery Operated For All Domestic Situations.
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  • Heat Alarms
    Fixed & Rate Of Rise (ROR) Heat Alarms / Detectors Powered By Battery Or Mains Power Supply. Ideal For Use In The Kitchen Or Hallway.
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  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms
    Full range of mains and portable battery powered Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors for professional and domestic use, from Aico, BRK FireAngel and Honeywell. .
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  • Gas Detection
    Mains Powered Or Wireless Gas Detectors Provide An Early Warning Visual Or Audible Alarm When Gas Is Present.
    Gas Detection >
  • Cigarette Alarms
    Cigarette Alarms Alert The User When A Flame Or Smoke Has Been Detected In An Area Such As A Washroom To Comply With New Smokefree Legislation.
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  • BS5839 Part 6 Grade D LD2

    BS 5839: Part 6: 2013, is the main British Standard that defines the Code Of Practice for the installation of a fire protection for the home. To assist you in making a quick and easy selection, we have put together a group of items that are all suitable to be used in a Grade D LD2 system..

    The main requirement of Grade D LD2, are that the detectors used are all mains powered with an appropriate battery back up, and can be interlinked together. It is a recommendation by BS 5839: Part.6: 2013 that any new build property with no more than 3 floors and less than 200sqm per floor needs to be fitted in with a Grade D LD2 System. Grade D refers to the type of alarms fitted, and LD2 refers to the positioning of the alarms in the property, to provide the earliest possible warning in the unfortunate event of a fire

    NB - IF THERE IS EVER ANY DOUBT A FULL AND PROPER FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT SHOULD ALWAYS BE SOUGHT. Further details can be found on our website here Domestic Fire Alarm Categories
    BS5839 Part 6 Grade D LD2 >

Smoke Alarm News

Change Your Clock, Test Your Smoke Alarm campaign is being introduced this week as British Summer Time comes to an end. The Department for Communities & Local Government are urging people to test their smoke alarms when they change their clocks on the weekend of 29/30th October.
Are you a college student prepating to move to campus and look for a bedrrom, flat or house to share? Are you a student's parent worried about your child living on his/her own for the first time? Getting an own place to live is a big step. You don’t only need to like it and feel comfortable with it, but you also should take into account it complies with fire safety recommendations
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