• For most of you who aren’t very familiar with fire safety appliances, a fire door wouldn’t mean a lot to you. However, what you need to know about this essential fire protection item is that it is as important as a fire alarm when it comes to protecting you from fire. Fire Door Safety Week is also a good opportunity to raise awareness of the critical role of fire doors.
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  • Before buying or replacing your old iPhone charger, think twice before making your decision. Fake iPhone chargers currently sold in the UK “can cause fires, electrocutions or burns” putting lives at risk.Several of these fake chargers have been tested by experts, who warn they have around half as many components inside as genuine apple chargers.
  • Some of Costa’s newest outlets in the UK are being protected by Fike’s TWINFLEXpro intelligent 2-wire fire alarm systems. From full-sized branches to small kiosks, from Minehead to London, Costa is relying on flexible and reliable protection from an innovative fire detection solution manufactured in the UK by Fike Safety Technology (FST).
  • Did you enjoy and find useful the last video about the Arrow electromagnetic door closer unit? Are you interested in more information about this door fire safety product? You're lucky! We continue with the second part of the Arrow electromagnetic door closer unit explanation. This time, our friend and manufacturer Mark will explain the difference between the two different cams to use and how to install them. Don't miss it and comment your preference. We will more than happy to hear your opinion and share ours.
  • If you are not still aware of the potential danger of Carbon monoxide, let us explain to you a bit more about this fire safety concern. It is potentially lethal because we are now, more than ever, exposed to it. If you have already acquired a Carbon Monoxide alarm, you have taken a step forward regarding fire security in your house.
  • Looking for new and advanced products for protect your premises? Check the Arrow electromagnetic door closer unit now! Today, we start a new series of two videos about this useful supporting feature for fire systems. We are glad to introduce you to our friend Mark, an expert in housing and building security issues. Mark will explain to us the Arrow electromagnetic door closer unit functioning and further details about the product additional accessories. We'd love to know your opinion about it. Comment and share!
  • The World Cup final is already here. This weekend Germany and Argentina will play the final game. World championship against World championship. Two giants face to face. With Brazil out of the tournament, this last match creates even more expectation about which country will lift the most desired football cup on Sunday. And also with Brazil out of the competition, Brazilians start to realize the monetary value of being the host country.

New Product Reviews

Abloy UK's CLIQ Remote won the Access Control Product of the Year at the prestigious IFSEC Security Awards 2011, which is run in association with the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).
EMS introduces the revolutionary FireCell wireless fire detection system incorporating new Smart Cluster Technology and capable of managing an industry beating 512 devices.
A pioneering hi-tech, digital door lock from Yale, Keyfree uses a remote control fob or built-in keypad for entry. This technology eliminates the need for keys and creates a more efficient way to enter your home.
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