Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems. Twinflex Fire Alarm Systems, fire alarm kits and Rafiki/Fike Twinflex panels, Kentec panels, Zeta and C-Tec Panels.
  • Fire Alarm Kits
    Fully Customisable Fire Alarm Kits: Choose The Kit That Best Suits Your Needs and Add Extra Components When Necessary.
    Fire Alarm Kits >
  • Fire Alarm Panels
    Panels and systems from Fike, C-TEC, Zeta, Kentec, Gent: Including Duonet, Fike Twinflex Pro 2 Wire, GLT Infiniy, panels to meet all requirements.
    Fire Alarm Panels >
  • Addressable Systems
    Addressable Fire Alarm Systems Including Fire Alarm Controllers, Call Points & Sounders From Hochiki & Fike.
    Addressable Systems >
  • Fike Twinflex 2 Wire System
    Fike Twinflex fire alarm systems are ideal for small to medium size commercial installations, larger properties, and is approved by The National Landlords Association in HMO's and other type of rented property. It can be installed at a fraction of the cost of many other competitive systems..
    Fike Twinflex 2 Wire System >
  • Fike Twinflex Pro
    Fike's Twinflex Pro 2-wire fire alarm system. An ideal solution for HMO's, larger domestic and commercial installations and approved by The National Landlords Association. A fire alarm system that can offer savings of up to 40% on the overall cost. The system is non-addressable, and provides support for any existing Twinflex devices.
    Fike Twinflex Pro >
  • Manual Site Fire Alarms
    Self Contained Fire Alarms, Howler and Klaxon fire alarms - Semi permanent fire alarms building sites, camp sites, temporary accommodation & marquees.
    Manual Site Fire Alarms >
  • Kentec AlarmSense
    Kentec AlarmSense range of conventional fire alarm panels. The new Sigma CP-A Alarmsense® range consists of a series of conventional, 2, 4 and 8 zone fire alarm control panels designed and approved in accordance with European standards BS EN54-2 and BS EN54-4 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems. .
    Kentec AlarmSense >
  • Wireless Fire Alarm Panel Systems
    A range of fire detection and alarms using wireless technology from Zerio and Hyfire. All of these wireless fire alarms system are certified by a third party and approved to the European EN54 Part 25 standard. Most suitable for buildings where there is preservation status prohibiting alteration of the building fabric, and buildings where it is imperative to maintain the aesthetics and cause the least disruption during installation
    Wireless Fire Alarm Panel Systems >
  • Aspirating Fire Detection
    Aspirating fire detection systems for manufacturers such as Wagner
    Aspirating Fire Detection >
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Heat Sensor
  1. Rate of Rise & Fixed Temp(12)
  1. 2 Wire(15)
  2. 4 Wire(5)
  3. Analogue Addressable(31)
  4. Wireless(2)
System Type
  1. Conventional(20)
  2. Addressable(33)
Suggested Use
  1. Commercial(286)
  2. Domestic, Commercial(13)
  1. Range: £12840
Test Function
  1. Test Button Only(4)
  1. Long-life Lithium Battery(2)
  2. Loop Powered (Control Panel)(9)
  1. Apollo(11)
  2. C-TEC(14)
  3. ESP(7)
  4. Fike(56)
  5. Fulleon(3)
  6. Hochiki(36)
  7. Homesaver(3)
  8. Howler(27)
  9. Kentec(92)
  10. Klaxon(3)
  11. Nittan(1)
  12. SDFA(4)
  13. Sterling Safety(14)
  14. STI(1)
  15. Wagner(1)
  16. Yuasa(1)
  17. Zerio(17)
  18. Zeta(8)
Suggested Locations
  1. Hallway(6)
  2. Landing(6)
  3. Living room(6)
  4. Kitchen(6)
  5. Bedrooms(6)
  6. Dining room(6)
  7. Garage(3)
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