BS5839 Part 6 Grade D LD2

BS 5839: Part 6: 2013, is the main British Standard that defines the Code Of Practice for the installation of a fire protection for the home. To assist you in making a quick and easy selection, we have put together a group of items that are all suitable to be used in a Grade D LD2 system..

The main requirement of Grade D LD2, are that the detectors used are all mains powered with an appropriate battery back up, and can be interlinked together. It is a recommendation by BS 5839: Part.6: 2013 that any new build property with no more than 3 floors and less than 200sqm per floor needs to be fitted in with a Grade D LD2 System. Grade D refers to the type of alarms fitted, and LD2 refers to the positioning of the alarms in the property, to provide the earliest possible warning in the unfortunate event of a fire

NB - IF THERE IS EVER ANY DOUBT A FULL AND PROPER FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT SHOULD ALWAYS BE SOUGHT. Further details can be found on our website here Domestic Fire Alarm Categories
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Heat Sensor
  1. Fixed Temp(2)
Suggested Use
  1. Domestic(10)
  2. Domestic, Commercial(2)
  1. Range: £1463
Test Function
  1. Test & Hush Button(10)
  1. Mains & Lithium Battery(6)
  2. Mains & Alkaline Battery(4)
  3. 9V Alkaline Battery Only(1)
  1. Aico(9)
  2. BRK(3)
Suggested Locations
  1. Hallway(8)
  2. Landing(6)
  3. Living room(9)
  4. Kitchen(2)
  5. Bedrooms(5)
  6. Dining room(5)
  7. Garage(3)
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