SF340F Mains CO Alarm with Relay Output & Interconnect

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SF340F Mains CO Alarm with Relay Output & Interconnect Overview

SF340F Honeywell Mains & Battery Back-up Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Relay Output & Interconnect Option. The SF340 Series is a range of reliable, hard wired carbon monoxide alarms with battery backup. They are designed for use in all domestic and light commercial environments.

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SF340F Mains CO Alarm with Relay Output & Interconnect

Why choose the SF340 Series:

  • Unique 5 year module replacement system.
  • Up to 5 years battery back up.
  • Low maintenance & low cost of ownership.
  • Secure installation.
  • 230Vac hard-wired.
  • Easy integration within existing systems.
  • Interconnect and relay output options (SF340F & SF340J only).
  • Every alarm is tested and calibrated in carbon monoxide.
  • No re-wiring or main unit replacement costs.


Every unit in the SF340 series utilises the advanced ECO-Sure electrochemical cell sensing technology and comes complete with a full 10 year guarantee on the main unit and a full 5 year guarantee on each sensor module.

Every unit in the SF340 series offers up to 5 years battery backup allowing for continuous protection - even in the event of power loss. This also allows the unit to be operational whilst waiting for permanent installation.

Units can be provided to operate from various voltage options. 230Vac (SF340E or SF340F) or 12/24Vdc (SF340J) units are all available for differing applications. The SF340 has been specially designed for permanent, secure installation and is ideal for use by local authorities, housing associations and any organisation responsible for the safety of tenants and the maintenance of their homes.

The SF340 series of alarms incorporate a unique module replacement system. There are no re-wiring or main unit replacement costs, just a simple, clip-in module to change once every 5 years. This results in low ownership costs and minimal maintenance. Locking screws also ensure that only authorised persons can gain access to the unit.

Units are available with relay output and interconnect options. (SF340F & SF340J only). This enables connection to control panels, shut-off valves, remote alarms etc, as well as allowing numbers of alarms to be linked together in series.

An internal diagnostic facility means the SF340 carries out continuous self-monitoring. If any fault is located in the sensor, battery or circuits, the unit will automatically give a warning signal within 60 seconds.


  • Detection Principle: Electrochemical cell
  • Operating Voltage: 230Vac
  • Battery Back-up: 9Vdc PP3
  • Power Consumption: <2.5W
  • Main Unit Life: No replacement required (10 year guarantee)
  • Module Life: 5 years (guaranteed)
  • Module Replacement Warning: Double buzzer chirp every minute
  • Alarm Indication: Buzzer and flashing red light
  • Buzzer Output: > 85 decibels (dB) at 3m
  • Operating Temperature Range: -5 to +40°C
  • Alarm Levels: (BS7860: 1996) 150ppm, between 10 to 30 minutes, 350ppm within 6 minutes
  • Weight: 575g approx.
  • Dimensions: 170mm x 110mm x 65mm
  • Test Facility: Yes
  • Relay Output Fitted: NO
  • Self Check Function: Yes

This model (SF340F) is a 230V ac hard-wired unit with interconnect & relay facility. Also available is a 12-24Vdc model see SF340J

Additional Information

Model SF340F
Suggested Use Domestic, Commercial
Manufacturer Honeywell
Detection Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Power Mains & Alkaline Battery
Interlink Facility Interlinkable by Wire
Suggested Locations Hallway, Kitchen

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