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  • Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors
    Smoke Alarm
    Mains Smoke Alarms, battery Smoke Alarms, and wireless smoke alarms for added home safety. Smoke alarms for rented properties.
  • Fire Alarm Panels and Kits
    Fire Alarm Panels and Kits
    Fike/Rafiki Twinflex Panels, Kentec Panels, Apollo AlarmSense, C-tec Panels and kits including detectors and call points.
  • Fire Extinguishers
    Fire Extinguishers
    Water, Powder, CO2 and Foam fire extinguishers. Including car extinguishers, van fire extinguishers and fire blankets.
  • Fire Bells and Sounders
    Fire Bells and Sounders
    Fire Bells, Beacons, Sounders, Self Contained Alarms, Deaf Alarms and accessories.
  • RadioLink Wireless Alarms
    RadioLink Wireless Alarms
    Mains or battery powered wireless smoke alarm and heat detector. Switches, call points and bases.
  • Call Points
    Call Points
    A full range of conventional and addressable fire alarm call points including test keys and various accessories.
  • Domestic Heat and Smoke Alarms
    Domestic Heat and Smoke Alarms
    Home safety - select from a frange of domestic heat or smoke detectors. Battery and mains operated.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    Mains and Battery operated Carbon Monoxide Alarms from the leading manufacturers, such as Aico and Honeywell.
  • Site Fire Alarms
    Site Fire Alarms
    Temporary alarms for events and site alarms - weather proof, battery powered and wireless versions. Howler alarms .
  • Emergency Signs
    Emergency Signs
    Emergency Signs for all situations. Equipment Signs, Exit Route Signs, Fire Precaution Signs and Fire Action Signs.
  • Emergency Lighting
    Emergency Lighting
    Maintained and Non-Maintained Emergency Lights to illuminate all escape routes.
  • Fire Equipment Protection and Stoppers
    Fire Equipment Protection and Stoppers
    Protect your fire equipment with our range of Call Point Stoppers and extinguisher alarms.
  • Fire Alarms Engineers
    We carry out design, installation, maintenance and commission of all fire alarm systems. For further information call 0800 9751 911.
  • Fire Alarms Advice
    Call us for technical questions from choosing a smoke alarm or cigarette alarms to fire alarms systems design, fire extinguishers or an intruder alarm.

Twinflex Pro 2 Wire System

    New Products

  • The X-Series of CO Alarms have been optimised for use by professionals dealing with residential CO protection. They have been designed to meet the needs of professional landlords and high demanding private individuals. For increased protection, all X-Series devices can be interconnected wirelessly to form an alarm system.
  • Howler Site Fire Alarms have been developed to provide a rapid means of raising the alarm and deliver a vital message; Get Out! Built to withstand the rigours of demanding environments, the Howler is available in weatherproof plastic and tough powder-coated aluminium.
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